Oracle Bone

by Zac Brennan

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released November 12, 2016

All songs written, performed and recorded by Zac Brennan



all rights reserved


Zac Brennan Australia

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Track Name: I Make The Marrow

By the law of attraction
Thoughts to words and words to action
Flint of dream
Tinder of mind
What I ignite is what I find

When laying all foundations
We harden our own limitations
So extend the North
And upend the South
Redesign the horse’s mouth

I am the sculptor
I carve my path
Create and recreate
I am the Father
From ghost to man
Idea becomes my dear
I give my sunlight
I give my moonlight
I make the marrow from imagining

I know the dangers of delusion
I can outreach their conclusion
From the breath of God
To a death foretold
It’s natural to take control

I can move a piece of the mountain
To fashion the head of the fountain
With chisel and mallet
I can tell it so true
It’ll be etched in your memory
My perfect statue
Track Name: Goodnight Fulgurite

There can be no going back
Once it’s all set in stone
That’s the cold hard truth of it
Say goodnight fulgurite
You’re fixed now
You’re pretty permanent
Surely you’ll out live me

Stay quiet
Lay your dead weight down
Sleep tight
For there is no rewind

Long after the kiln
Deep into some distant day
Stare the shapes that I’ve cast in clay
They're poker-faced forever
Track Name: Latin Love Elegy

Behold the enchanting
Magnum opus of mine
Skin of glowing ivory
A vision so divine
I am burning
With desire

I want to turn
The impossible true
Because there's nothing in this world
That I want more than you
I will stand by
My ivory tower and pray
Because when you're right here
You're still so far away
O poor me
Stuck in a latin love elegy

I dress you in treasures
Sweet catacomb saint
I run wild in reverie
I stagger through heartache
I am burning
With desire
Track Name: The Changer Of Hearts

Now I am here at the temple
On Aphrodite’s day
To plead

Adorned in garlands of myrtle
O silent effigy
Hear my dream

I see a candle on the altar
Raise its flame up high
As I leave

I trudge home through the forest
To my lonely abode
Then there’s a breeze

And you appear my love
With lips warm to touch
What am I witnessing?
Am I the Modern Prometheus

I never thought that I could be
Such a lucky man
I never thought I'd see the magic
Of the holy hand

You and I
Have been awakened by
The changer of hearts

Now that you are free from your slumber
And blood is drawn from stone
I believe

I believe in the future
I feel it in my bones
Now I can see
Track Name: In A Flash

In the middle of the night I bolt out of bed
An empty feeling is filling me with dread
The front door is open wide
I call out but you don’t reply

I leap into my boots and overcoat
I feel the sickle moon staring at my throat
Now the wind is really blowing up a gale
And you’re out there somewhere

In a flash you were born
In a flash you fled
In a crescendo of fear
I try not to lose my head
Now the wind is really blowing up a gale
And you’re out there somewhere

I will find you
Track Name: Through The Cracks

Through blackberry thickets of thorns
Past shadowed caves and ancient trees
And far beyond the silhouetted hilltops
I search for you
I lay torchlight before my feet
But the darkness is closing in on me
Because you are lost and now I am lost too
With only a chance
From a hut so small
But ten foot square
Who could be there?

An old shaman answers the door
Inside he has every remedy
He says ‘if you like I will read your future
What do you want to know?’
He unwraps the dragon bone
And scratches symbols in the shoulder blade
‘O I just want to know will she ever come back to me?’
So into the fireplace it goes
And the blushing coals
Call forth a crack
He says ‘Go home
She will come back.’

I hope you don’t fall through the cracks
Because I know I will pay the price
No man ever steps
In the same river twice
Track Name: Dormant Man

I’m not the same person anymore
Since I’ve been waiting here for you
It seems my luck has fallen through
And all the world is a wasteland
Now that I’m a dormant man

It’s like I am frozen here in space and time
In my citadel of Limbo
Like the first circle of The Inferno
With my heavy heart in hand
Now that I’m a dormant man

I made everything the way it is right now
I designed my own demise
For one more glimpse into your eyes
Over the River Styx I stand
Now that I’m a dormant man
Track Name: My Maker

By the time I awake
It’s too late
I’m surrounded by flames
And finally
You have come back to me

And whether you struck a match
Or a storm
Laid some lightning down
It’s the same end
Because both are heaven sent

O this life
Was a breathtaker
O this love
Was a heartbreaker
Now here I go
To meet my maker

The blaze roars like thunder
Through my home
The prophecy is complete
Because finally
You have come back to me

And like the Mungo Lady
You will be
And I was some other Pygmalion
Now tomorrow
Is born of our fire and bone